2017 Season Criminal Record Check Information For All Volunteers

In 2015 the Ontario Lacrosse Association mandated that all volunteers that work with minors in the lacrosse clubs must have a completed Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file with their local club. These volunteers include Coaches, Trainers, Managers, House League Convenors, Executive Members, etc.
What you need to do:

Are you new to volunteering with the Nepean Knights in 2017?

Please take one of the following actions depending on your circumstances:

1. I have an existing Criminal Record Check for the Vulnerable Sector issued in 2015 or 2016:

  • a. Contact our Registrar at registrar@knightslacrosse.ca  to provide an original copy of your CRC.
  • b. Complete the OLA Offense Declaration form and forward to registrar@knightslacrosse.ca:

2. I DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK – Contact registrar@knightslacrosse.ca to send you a link to complete a Criminal Record Check on line:

  • Step 1: Complete the following form (link) http://www.ottawapolice.ca/fr/about-us/resources/Sections-andUnits/Police_Record_Check_2011_e.pdf
  • Step 2: Contact Kathi Moran  – registrar@knightslacrosse.ca  to get a letter of reference, which will waive the processing fee that the City of Ottawa charges.
  • Step 3. Submit the PRC form in person at one of the following addresses:  http://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/contact-us/Find-a-Police-Station.asp
  • Step 4. Your record check will be returned to you directly by the Ottawa Police Service
  • Step 5. Forward copy to privacy officer by emailing registrar@knightslacrosse.ca

Are you a returning volunteer?


Please take the following actions based on your circumstances:

  1. I have an existing Criminal Record Check dated 2015 or 2016 with the Nepean Knights.  Please complete the OLA Offense Declaration form and forward to registrar@knightslacrosse.ca
  2. My CRC is dated 2013 or previous years. Please follow the same steps as ‘2 – I do not have a criminal record check’ above.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to either:  Kathi – registrar@knightslacrosse.ca or  Andrea – president@knightslacrosse.ca