The Nepean Knights Lacrosse Association (NKMLA) provides youth in western Ottawa with the opportunity to play box lacrosse. The mission of the NKMLA is to provide a minor box lacrosse program for youth (boys and girls) aged 4 to 20 living in western Ottawa and the surrounding area. NKMLA promotes the sport of lacrosse in Ottawa and the surrounding area. NKMLA also attempts to foster sportsmanship, fair play and differing levels of competitiveness in a safe and trusted environment; it endeavors to provide local youth with the opportunity to raise their self-esteem through the values of goal-setting, discipline, trust, responsibility and respect for self and others, enabling them to establish a framework for personal improvement that is applicable to all areas of life.

The Association is run by volunteers who are dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse and to helping young people in this region.


Please feel free to contact us with any feedback by contacting