How Long is the Season?

The competitive season runs from April – August

Are there try-outs?

Yes, they run early April. Dates will be shared via TeamSnap

Is there any extra equipment needed?

There is no extra equipment needed

Why do you only announce Team 1 coaches?

We use registration numbers from the previous year to estimate how many teams we will have at each age level. This means that we don’t always know if we will need a Team 2 coach.

What are the costs to playing competitive?

Team fees vary between $300 – $500, on top of association registration fees

Is there a try-out fee?

Yes. It’s a $50 fee. This covers your entire try-out experience for 2024.

If any player doesn’t make a team, what happens?

They can play house league, and still have a memorable season!

I registered my child to play House League. Will I still get the competitive try-out schedule?

We will only send out try-out information to those who are registered as a competitive player. If you need to have your player switched, please contact our Registrar