Welcome and Call to Order conducted by: Al Brown
Land acknowledgement: Al Brown
Motion to start: Chris Hipwell

Present: Al Brown Chris Hipwell, Derek Herfst, Jessica White, Sheldon Spears, Jeff Zywicki, Nicole
Zywicki, Phil Ziazyk, Jill Balcom, Jo-Ann Green, Jon and Nicole Zywicki, Lisa Nowostawski, Jason
Bosomworth, Tyler McDonald, Sophie Green, Cheryl Scott,
Absent: Dan Leduc, Mark Lange, Paula McNaught, Jeff Sweet

Welcome and opening remarks – Al +Jess

Status update on programming, registration, new appointments, association shout-outs

Welcome and opening remarks – All + Jess: Status update on programming, registration, new appointments, association shout outs

  • Lisa volunteered to help with soft lax but it will be split up among a few people (TBD)
  • Welcome to Tyler, our new RMC!
  • Shout outs;
    • Dan managed to get an extension on the Trillium deadline. This was a lot of work on his end so its much appreciated.
    • Dan has been in contact with the city regarding the historical inequity with equipment, with Gloucester being the example (we’ve been required to purchase and maintain, whereas they haven’t been required to). More info to come on this as discussions progress.
    • Sheldon has grown our social media footprint significantly, which is fantastic. Thank you Sheldon for all your effort! Our social media is looking great.
    • Sophie – A big thank you to Sophie as well for helping with the Girls social media platforms.

Scheduler Update – Jason

  • Zone Scheduling will take place by the last week of March (tentative)
  • April 11 th is earliest the schedule will be ready as by the 22 nd house league teams will be sorted and the season will be started for all.
  • People can reach out to Jason for scheduler issues/questions.

NKMLA RIC – Al + Tyler (New RIC) – Meet Tyler

  • Introduction – Tyler has been involved with the Knights for at least 23yrs, with experience ranging from playing, coaching, and now refereeing.
  • Referees must be turning 14 to be eligible for entry level, 15 to be a major.

Registrar Update – Jess

  • We are close to our 2022 registration numbers, with over a month before try-outs begin.
    • Try Lacrosse – if kids just show up (did not register online), they will be allowed to play.
      There will be paper registration form on site for these situations. If players want to
      register for the season after they try it out, they will need to register from home after
      the fact. Jessica will have an info-graph available to hand out at the Try Lacrosse event.
    • Try Lacrosse the U5 and U7 sessions will be two sessions, not three.
    • Soft Lacrosse –Soft Lacrosse will only take place at two areas to minimize travel.

Nepean Knights Capital Showdown Update – Jon

  • Scheduled for June 16 th , starting Friday at noon and ending Sunday at 3 (estimated). Will consist of both A and B teams, 5 divisions, round robin, consolation, and finals.
  • The tournament was plugged at the AGM, and the OLA has indicated they will not expand tournaments until existing are filled.

Junior C Report – Chris

  • Jersey samples were received and look good.
  • Other Jr C merchandise is being developed now.
  • Working on new videography options with a goal to have all games available online (either through pay-per-view or subscriptions.)

Come Try Lacrosse Program – Mark + Chris + Jess + Jo-Anne

  • 2 hour program on March 26 @ Sensplex
  • Boys are scheduled for March 25 th at 9am and girls scheduled March 26 th at 9am.
  • Currently have 4 to 5 Jr C players confirmed to attend. Mark is working on talking with some of the Carleton players to attend as well.
  • Joanne and Sophie have about 5 or 6 female alumni to help run the girls session(s).

Social Media and Website – Sheldon + Kyle

  • Sheldon continues to work on sponsors and has canvassed another four businesses.

Release Committee – Al + Jess

  • A number of release hearings have been conducted

Coach Selection – Mark + Jo-Anne

  • Congrats to the team 1 coaches selected for the 2023 season! Mark sat in on all the
  • interviews, with the executive teams this year. Committee voice was heard, and it was a successful process.
  • House league – unknown what will happen this season.

Competitive Director’s Report – Jo-Anne + Mark

  • Organizing try-outs – Need to reach out to Junior B’s / C’s and Carleton U players for help during the try outs.
  • Coaching Clinics are scheduled for March 31 and/or Apr 1 in Cornwall.

House League Update – Jill

  • We will go with days of play, but it can change.
  • We need to identify a new way to log/track game sheets.
  • Social media consent forms will be sent out to parents.
  • Little kids are getting t-shirts. Any left over we can recycle.

Treasurer’s Report – Al on behalf of Jeff

  • Reimbursements of Non-parent coaches

Equipment – Phil + Derek + Chris

  • Boxes of jerseys, they just need to be sorted and distributed (will be done before sort
  • outs).
  • Sticks are in storage.
  • Try Lacrosse – We have two buckets of sticks to share among the girls and boys
  • sessions (details to be made regarding stick transition between sessions).

Sponsorship – Dan + Sheldon

  • The Webstore is now live on our website! We have partnered with MegaCity, for this. At the moment we do not have a financial agreement (kickback), however dependent on how successful the webstore is, we can follow up and discuss the potential for next year.

NEW BUSINESS – open to all

  • SAGM recently held in TO. OLA presented a strategic plan in module format, which included;
    • extending the reach, and
    • how they would like to grow the game.
    • Movement towards a more digital environment (i.e., Game Sheet)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 @ Lee Valley Boardroom
Motion to Close meeting: Chris and Jill motion to close meeting.