The small-scale drills presented here work on offensive fundamentals (catching, shooting, footwork, passing, cutting, driving the net, ball protection, floor vision, offensive zone movement, etc.). The drills are designed to run in small groups, including for just one player with a coach/passer, or up to 3-4 players with a coach/passer, once we’re able to
practise in small groups. The drills work on specific box lacrosse skills that translate to game situations. These drills simulate skills, patterns, and elements of offensive zone box lacrosse that will lead to improved game play once we’re back on the floor.

Runs the drills on the street, in the park, on an outdoor box, on an empty tennis court, on a school playground, or other similar surfaces/locations. Shoot on a box lacrosse net if you have one. If not, shoot on a hockey net but try and block off part of the net so it becomes the size of a box lacrosse net. Shoot tennis or rubber balls on the street. Use lacrosse balls if you’re able to practise in a spot where it’s safe to do so.

There is often a progression with the drills, where a new version or a layer is added to the drill. The drills are diagrammed to run for lefts but if your son/daughter shoots right, just up the drill and run it the other way. I have included a defender (marked by a cone) and goalie in some of the drills, but that’s mostly for a point of reference; the drills do not require a defender or a goalie. Some drills are basic, others more sophisticated. Whether you’re a tyke or a junior player, there is plenty in here that you can work on to improve your game.

We will get back on the floor. Work now to get better and be prepared to play again.


You can download the file to print by clicking here