Hi Knights families,

As you are all well aware by now, the province of Ontario issued an extension to their stay-at-home order that impacts the start of our box lacrosse season. Our season planning committee continues to meet regularly and is closely monitoring the ever-changing situation. We extended the pre-registration window until April 14th to get a better sense of membership interest and what the numbers look like at specific age groups and program streams. At this point, we have closed the pre-registration link and are planning with the numbers we have. If you missed the pre-registration window, please contact Jess White (registrar@knightslacrosse.ca) the association’s registrar to take advantage of any roster openings or to be placed on a waitlist. Official registration will be delayed until we have a better sense of the COVID situation. 

Our intention continues to be on playing box lacrosse this coming spring/summer. Although the path forward continues to be uncertain and challenging, the NKMLA Season Planning Committee and Executive appreciates your patience and looks forward to running a safe and engaging program when the province and Ottawa Public Health give us the go-ahead to do so.

Our recreational director is working hard to structure teams and fill rosters. In the next couple of weeks, coaches from the respected team your player has been assigned to will reach out and touch base with you.
Regarding the Intense stream, over the past week, our selection committee met to create teams that reflect our pre-registration numbers. We used the following criteria to help with this process:

  • previous competitive experience in Nepean, then elsewhere
  • evaluations and feedback from previous coaches

Intense team coaches will be reaching out to their families and players in the coming days.

In an effort to get as many kids playing this season, we are also exploring the use of blended age groups. For example, a U11 + U13 team. The Return to Activity guidelines provided by the OLA makes this possible because contact lacrosse has been prohibited. Although this has been done in the past, particularly on the girls’ competitive side, this will be new for the boys. Shortly, we will be reaching out to families that need to consider this blended age group option. Should this option not work for you or your player, we would be happy to find a spot for your player in the recreational stream.

Additionally, we are looking for a few more players in a couple of intense/competitive age groups to fill out Team 2 or Team 3 rosters. If you know of a friend who didn’t register or would like to switch streams from recreational, have them contact registrar@knightslacrosse.ca to explore this option. We are looking to fill out:

  • U13 Team 3 – this will be a blended team of U11 and U13 player, a few spots are still available to fill out the roster
  • U15 Team 2 – a few spots are available to fill out the roster
  • U17 Team 2 – a few spots are available to fill out the roster

Scheduling Update

Recently, the City of Ottawa annexed two of the arenas (Howard Darwin and Richmond) we had under contract this coming season for COVID sites. This continues to make scheduling a difficult task. We do know that the schedule plan for the recreational stream looks similar to previous years and is tentatively listed below. Of course, what is listed below is subject to change during these uncertain times.

Recreational Stream – Days of Play
U9 (Tyke) -Tues & Sat
U11 (Novice) – Thurs & Sun
U13 (Peewee) – Tues & Sun
U15 (Bantam) – Thurs & Sat
U17 (Midget) – Mon & Wed
U7 (paperweight) program – information regarding the schedule will be communicated shortly

Intense Stream – due to the reduction of arenas available to use, teams in this stream will not have consistent days of play. Information regarding schedules will be provided by coaches and managers as we get closer to starting the season.

Stay well,

NKMLA Season Planning Committee and Executive