Nepean Knights Code of Conduct


Member Code of Conduct

Preliminary Statement:

The purpose of the Nepean Knights Minor Lacrosse Association (NKMLA) is to promote the game of lacrosse while educating players in the skills, strategies, and rules of the game, together with teaching them sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for others, and how to win and lose with dignity. This Member Code of Conduct applies to all NKMLA players, parents, and volunteers.


  • The purpose of this member Code of Conduct is to help ensure that all NKMLA participants have a clear understanding of what constitutes appropriate behaviour within the NKMLA.
  • A member is defined as any player, parent, legal guardian, or family member of a player, and all NKMLA coaches and volunteers.


  • Members will show respect for themselves and to all teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents, spectators, arena staff and lacrosse volunteers.
  • Members will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Taunting, bullying, criticizing, threatening, making derogatory remarks, cursing at and/or belittling others are not acceptable to the NKMLA.
  • At any lacrosse event, parents/spectators will not shout at, taunt, belittle, threaten or physically attack any game official, coach, player, spectator or any lacrosse volunteer. Parents/spectators will not gossip about nor make negative or derogatory comments concerning any official, player, coach or lacrosse volunteer at any time.
  • Members will respect the game of lacrosse and play by its rules. Reckless/dangerous play and/or intent to injure are not acceptable to the NKMLA and will not be tolerated by the association and/or its coaches.The safety of all players, coaches, officials and everyone involved in the sport of lacrosse is of prime importance.
  • While participating in lacrosse, players will devote their attention and energy to learning the game. Players will listen to the coach’s instructions and respect and abide by his/her decisions.
  • Parents and all NKMLA members will support their child’s desire to play lacrosse by offering positive support, and positive/respectful cheering at games.
  • Any member statement or action that violates the Code of Conduct and is viewed as negative, offensive, or harmful to the NKMLA in any public forum will result in:
    • A written and/or verbal warning from the NKMLA on the first occasion.
    • A formal written response from the NKMLA on the second occasion.
    • A possible suspension of the member(s) on the third occasion.
    • Possible removal from the NKMLA in the event of multiple violations of this Code of Conduct
  • Violating statements include any verbal, written (including on paper, via email, social media, on public and personal websites) and/or other expressions via other media forms, such as print or any form of broadcasting.

Resolving issues:

  • Parents must always approach the coach first with any questions and concerns that they might have. Parents should request a meeting in person or on the phone with the coach and copy the team manager if their request is sent by email.
  • Parents should not first go directly to members of the NKMLA executive with their concerns. All concerns and disputes should first be addressed (and hopefully resolved) within the team.
  • Competitive level coaches should outline their team’s plans and goals for the season in writing in a document very soon after the team is set. This document should describe – among other things – how communication should be conducted between parents and coaches in the event there are questions, concerns and/or disputes. Outside of simple questions of clarification, parents should respect the 24-hour rule whereby they wait 24 hours before bringing forward meaningful concerns about the lacrosse team to the coach.
  • If a parent is unsatisfied with a coach’s explanation/decision regarding any facet of their team’s play, that parent can then bring the matter forward to the NKMLA executive by formally contacting the House League Director (for house league level lacrosse concerns), the Competitive Director (for competitive level lacrosse concerns), or the Association President or Vice-president. The executive member will try to address the parents’ concerns to a point of resolution. If the matter is still not resolved, a meeting will be set with the parent, the coach (or coaches) and at least two representatives of the NKMLA executive to resolve the matter in a way that is best for the team.
  • In order to best address concerns, parents must bring their issues forward while the lacrosse season is underway such that steps can be taken to deal with their concerns to improve the team while it is together.


  • Thank you for respecting this NKMLA Code of Conduct such that we can all enjoy the sport of lacrosse.