Knights add 239 members to the lacrosse family

This year we are pleased to welcome 239 new athletes to the Knights lacrosse family!

A huge welcome to all of our new players this season. Whether you’re one of our five new Ryans, two Isabellas, or your name is Adam or Zennen or anything in between, we want to say¬†welcome to the round table! To the parents of our new friends, you’re our family too, so don’t hesitate¬†to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @nepeanlax if you have any questions this season.

Have a great season everyone!


Adam S

Adam L

Aidan W
Alex M
Alexander G
Alexandre C
Alice M
Andrew L
Ashton S
Ashton T
Audrey S
Austin R
Austin B
Ava L
Avery C
Ayden C
Beatrice S
Ben P
Bennett P
Blake L
Braeden D
Brandon P
Brendan R
Bret C
Brody C
Brody A
Brooke M
Brooke F
Bryce B
Bryce S
Caleb C
Caleb C
Cali C
Callum M
Camden H
Cameron C
Cameron J
Carter D
Carter T
Carter T
Cash R
Charlemagne S
Chase M
Chase T
Chelsea T
Christopher H
Cohen D
Cole S
Cole T
Colin T
Colton R
Connell D
Connor B
Connorr K
Cooper W
Crosby G
Daniel F
Dante L
Dawson B
Dawson D
Declan G
Dexter M
Dexter M
Dorian T
Drew F
Edith M
Emilio F
Emma B
Ethan P
Ethan H
Ethan G
Ethan B
Ethan H
Euan L
Evan M
Felix D
Finley H
Finnley P
Gabriel R
Gabriel K
Gage R
Gavin C
Gordon C
Grace C
Grace S
Grayson L
Griffin W
Harrison L
Harrison D
Hayden S
Hayley L
Hector F
Huck L
Hudson M
Hudson F
Hudson R
Hudson K
Isaac B
Isabella B
Isabella E
Jack S
Jack B
Jack B
Jack C
Jack R
Jackson N
Jackson L
Jackson H
Jackson P
Jacob D
Jacob D
Jake G
Jameson K
Jamie K
Jaxon K
Jesse S
Jesse B
Joel W
Jordan L
Joshua B
Joshua M
Joshua S
Julian T
Juliana G
Kaden G
Kalin f
Karson R
Karter R
Kate K
Keegan B
Kennedy I
Kennedy V
Kenny D
Kieran L
Kruze S
Kye G
Kyle M
Lachlan R
Landon D
Lauren V
Lawrence M
Leo B
Liam S
Liam v
Liam D
Lleyton T
Lochlan S
Logan B
Lucas D
Lucas A
Lucas C
lukas O
Luke W
Madeleine O
Madison D
Makaiyah S
Makenna B
Malcolm M
Mason M
Mathias M
Matt D
Matteo H
Matthew M
Maxim D
Maya M
Maya J
Melanie P
Miles C
Naida C
Naomie K
Nash C
Nathan L
Nelson W
Nevyn M
Nicholas H
Nicholas S
Noah C
Noah B
noah B
Nolan B
Olivia B
Owen C
Owen M
Paige S
Peter K
Phoenix D
Quinn G
Rex F
Rhys G
Rhys R
Richard G
Robert G
Ronin C
Ruby C
Ryan B
Ryan Z
Ryan M
Ryan K
Ryan D
Ryder T
Sam D
Sam G
Samuel M
Santino C
Sawyer G
Seamus P
Simon M
Spencer S
Spencer W
Talia F
Tate F
Tatum F
Taylor h
Tess L
Theo H
Theo L
Thomas W
Tommy E
Trinity E
Tristan E
Troy S
Tyler E
Tyler H
Tyson G
Vianney V
Wei-Wei G
William F
William F
William H
William W
Wyatt W
Xavier W
Yee-Ray J
Zennen U