We’re crowdsourcing clips of our players / coaches / families (past and present) to add to our #KnightsAcademy

#KnightsAcademy is a collaboration project to keep sticks in hands, and share our lacrosse knowledge with our fellow Knights while we wait for the season to get started.

The objective: Build a hub of skills / tricks / viral videos submitted by you and for you – our Knights! Maybe you are a player who can string a great deep pocket, or maybe you’re a parent who has a great recipe for a post game snack, it doesn’t matter what it is, we want you to share!

So how do you submit?

  • Grab your smart phone or camera
  • Get your parent’s permission and record yourself in a safe space, keeping safe social distance
  • Fill out the form here to send us the file or link!
  • We’ll feature your videos, and share via @nepeanlax on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Here’s an example submitted by The Greens (with a few special guests)

Here’s an example submitted by Ryan S. of @otown_laxlab

So get creative, and start sharing!