Knights 2021 Box Program

Dear Knights Families,

The NKMLA is pleased to announce that we are opening pre-registration as of March 24th, 2021. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our program from previous years. We will be offering a safe, fun, challenging, high-quality program that is responsive to the ever-changing health measures and restrictions we will face this upcoming season. 

While adhering to the provincial and local public health authorities, the City of Ottawa facilities management plan, and the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s RETURN TO ACTIVITY guidelines, we have developed a program to get our kids back to playing lacrosse from April to August. 

Recently, the Ontario Lacrosse Association released their RETURN TO ACTIVITY guidelines that will govern box lacrosse in Ontario this summer. Check it out by clicking on the following link: 

After observing how various hockey associations navigated through their winter season, the NKMLA Season Planning Committee worked to use best practices to safely design a program that gets our players back doing what they love. As well, the program’s design and implementation must be nimble enough to pivot between colours in the Ontario COVID-19 response framework. 

The NKMLA will offer two streams for box lacrosse play this upcoming season: a recreational or house-league stream for players who want to play in a fun, fitness-focused, and skill development program, and an intense or competitive stream for players who want to continue their lacrosse development to be the best they can be. 

Tryouts are not possible this year. Therefore, those players who are looking for a higher intensity season, will be grouped using their previous years playing experience. For players who do not have competitive experience, but are interested in participating in a higher intensity, more competitive program, the NKMLA will try our best to accommodate your request. Understand that if we are unable to accommodate this request your child will be offered a spot in our recreational stream.

At U9 (formerly tyke), all players will register in our recreational stream. At the conclusion of this program, any U9 players interested in continuing play in a higher intensity program can register for competitive play through July into early August. More details will follow for U9 competitive teams as the recreational season progresses. 

Here are the program objectives: 

Recreational (House-League) and Intense (Competitive) Program Objectives 

  • Lacrosse skill development appropriate for age and ability
  • Skill is not just scooping, cradling, catching, passing, shooting. Skill also includes teaching rules, positioning, offensive plays, footwork, etc. 
  • Combination of practice and scrimmage options (3v3, 4v4, and 5v5), following modified rules
  • Challenging – based on age and ability 
  • Physical Activity 
  • Mental Wellness 
  • Full and open communications with parents and guardians 
  • Flexible format to be communicated given pandemic impact on operations 

Here is a breakdown of the programs we can offer: 

Boys and Girls Recreational (House-League) Framework 

  • April 19 to June 27 
  • Aim for 2 X 1 hour sessions per week 
  • No sort outs, players will be assigned to teams based on ability/experience 
  • Up to 18 players per team, including 2 goalies 
  • Coach’s to target ratio of 12 practices to 8 scrimmages (within the same group of 18 players)
  • If we fall to red – control in the COVID framework, we pivot by splitting the team into 2 smaller teams, floor time would be reduced to 1 session per week. Efforts will be made to secure an extra hour every two weeks for each team
  • Regular registration covers cost of season 
  • No movement of players between teams; cannot honour requests for friends to play together; can do so for family members however 
  • Scores not to be kept in scrimmages; emphasis on coaches to balance teams when scrimmaging 

Boys and Girls Intense (Competitive) Framework 

  • April 19 to approx. August 8 
  • Aim for 2 X 1.5 hour sessions per week 
  • No tryouts, players assigned to teams based on 2019 season, to fill bubble previous coaches can provide feedback, players can only move up 
  • We will do our best to accommodate players without competitive experience, should the family think this stream is the best fit for their child 
  • Up to 18 players per team, including 2 goalies 
  • If we fall to red – control in the CoVID framework, we pivot by splitting the team into 2 smaller teams, floor time would be reduced to 2 X ¾ hr sessions per week, efforts will be made to secure an extra 1.5 hours session every week 
  • Intense (competitive)teams may require outdoor sessions 
  • An extra team fee is required to cover additional floor time for practice/scrimmage and potentially referees/timekeepers. The team fee will cover these costs to run the team after our house league season ends. Typically, from July 1 to early August 
  • Estimated team fees would be in the ballpark of $200 and up 
  • Interlock with another association is a bonus, if ‘best scenario’ works out, there may not be game play outside of the Knights association for all competitive teams – that’s just the way it is, some things are not possible in 2021 

Paperweight Framework 

  • 20 players per session, with 3 to 5 coaches 
  • If we fall to red – control in the COVID framework, weekly session may need to shift outside 
  • Aiming for 8 to 10 sessions

Health and Security Protocols 

  • The NKMLA and all members must follow all the health protocols mandated by the Ontario Government, Ottawa Public Health, the Ontario Lacrosse Association, and the City of Ottawa. 
  • Players/coaches/volunteers will be required to submit to a wellness questionnaire prior to entering the facility before each session. 
  • Should the NKMLA receive a notification from Ottawa Public Health on a positive test from one of our members, the entire bubble will be shut down for the time recommended by OPH. 
  • If sessions are cancelled by the City of Ottawa, we will inform people of any refund based on our financial obligations. 
  • All NKMLA coaches \ managers \ trainers \ volunteers will wear a mask when supervising an official NKMLA sanctioned practice \ scrimmage \ game.


Step One: Pre-registration 

In order for us to assign players to teams, we require all members to pre-register for the upcoming season. Before any payment is requested for the season, participants are required to complete the following google form:

Intent to play pre-registration at the above link must be completed by April 2nd, at 5pm April 9th at 5pm (extended). Players who have not pre-registered by that time will be put on a waiting list and may not be guaranteed a spot. 

Step Two: Official Registration through Sportzsoft 

Once you pre-register and we confirm with you via email, families will be required to officially register using this link:

We will be updating our NKMLA website with the updated registration information shortly. 

Official Sportzsoft Registration will close by mid-April, and must be completed before the participant steps on the floor. 

Refund Policy – updated for NKMLA Box Lacrosse Program 2021 

NOTE: We have modified our refund policy should a child withdraw. Additionally, if the program is shut down by the Province, Ottawa Public Health, or the City of Ottawa for health reasons, please understand the NKMLA is still obligated to fulfill contractual obligations. If the program is unable to return, and after we have met our financial obligations, the NKMLA will explore refunds to our membership. 

Requests to withdraw and receive a registration refund will be subject to a $30 administration fee (used to cover the costs the NKMLA incurred to register the participant with the OLA). All registration refund requests need to be made prior to the season beginning. Once the season starts, refunds will only be issued in special circumstances, as determined by the NKMLA Board of Directors. When requesting a refund, please use the form attached below.

Note: we will work as quickly as we can to process your refund, but this can take up to 21 days

2021 Registration Fee Structure

NKMLA operational costs have significantly increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however the NKMLA prioritizes increasing participation in our sport. To this end we have made every effort to minimize the cost to families.  

The price you see reflected in the table below is for new registrations only (anyone who is paying registration fees this year).

If you graciously carried over your 2020 registration fee with the NKMLA, we will honor the fee you left with us.

If you held over your 2020 registration fee and your child graduated to a more expensive age division, we ask that you make up the difference to your new age group’s 2020 early bird discount pricing.  

When you are notified to officially register on the SPORTZSOFT portal it will be personalized to your specific fee. If you do have questions please reach out to

If you have graduated out of NKMLA and you carried over your 2020 registration fee, please reach out to

AGE DIVISION         FEE $ for new registrations     FREQUENCY per week 

U7 (Paperweight)        $110.00                 1 session per week 

U9 (Tyke)            $185.00                 2 sessions per week

U11 (Novice)            $245.00                 2 sessions per week 

U13 (Peewee)            $245.00                 2 sessions per week 

U15 (Bantam)         $245.00                 2 sessions per week 

U17 (Midget)             $245.00                 2 sessions per week 

U22 (Intermediate)         $130.00                 1 session per week 

  • Third & subsequent children at half price, the lowest registration fee will be discounted at 50%.
  • When registering more than 3 children please contact for your discount to be applied
  • There will be an additional $25 dollar fee for any NSF returned cheques

Payment Options

Payment will be accepted online during the registration process, and can be made using all major credit cards.

*If your financial situation is a prohibitive factor in your ability to register with the NKMLA, please email Al Brown at or

NKMLA Season Planning Committee and Executive