Good evening house league families! You will be getting an email tonight or tomorrow with your house league scrimmage team which is still part of the sort out process. Coaches will be contacting their teams after the scrimmages, and we expect the house league season to officially kick off on the 23rd. Please continue to check the website for your practice and game dates.

Due to the volume of FRIEND REQUESTS made this year, please be aware, that they cannot be guaranteed. While we do our best to meet these requests, sometimes it is not possible. Any extenuating circumstances can be addressed individually. We appreciate that it’s nice to have your neighbor, or hockey mate on your team, we also hope that Lacrosse will be a team you can meet new people and make new friendships as well! If you feel that you are in a special circumstance that requires being on another member’s team, please send an email with the subject line: FRIEND REQUEST – and your division ( NOVICE, PEEWEE.. etc.) This will make it easier for reference at the time of the final selection. We appreciate your understanding on this matter!