Hockey players love lacrosse; lacrosse players love hockey. Dozens of NHLers past and present can’t be wrong: their sport of choice in the off season is lacrosse.

Lacrosse can sharpen your hockey skills: quick decision making, playing with your head up, rolling off and eluding checks, hand-eye co-ordination, toughness, and the ability to compete in tight spaces. Both hockey and lacrosse are fast, fun and physical. Both are played in an arena: the rink for hockey becomes the box when the ice is replaced by the floor.

Lots of past and current hockey greats honed their off-season athletic skills playing box lacrosse. From big names from the past (Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffey, Joe Sakic, Adam Oates and others) to current NHLers (John Tavares, Kyle Turris, Codi Ceci, Steve Stamkos and others); these athletes thrived playing hockey and lacrosse. And then there’s the Buffalo Sabres’ Matt Moulson – he was so good at hockey and lacrosse that he was drafted into both the NHL and the NLL.  

Parents, coaches and sports associations increasingly recognize the importance of young athletes playing more than one sport. Specializing at an early age has been shown to lead to players losing interest, sometimes more injuries and most importantly – less fun for the young athlete when their passion for play becomes too much like repetitive work.

The Nepean Knights Minor Lacrosse Association is full of young boys and girls who play hockey through fall and winter and then switch to lacrosse in spring/sumer and then back to hockey. They love both of Canada’s official National sports, just like John Tavares:

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The NKMLA includes Nepean, Ottawa West, Kanata, Stittville and surrounding area.

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