Coach Selection Process


NKMLA competitive coaches will be responsible for coaching from April 3rd, beginning with competitive tryouts and ending in early August with the Ontario Lacrosse festival championship tournament.  During the season two practices and one to two zone games are expected per week. In addition, teams will travel to two or three out of town tournaments. Coaches are selected in February for Team 1.  Every effort will be made to select Team 2 and Team 3 coaches at the same time, but we do recognize that this process may have to occur more dynamically.  The term is for one season only.  

Coach Selection:

Coaches are expected to submit a full application indicating prior lacrosse and coaching experience, including naming three members of the lacrosse community if possible as references.  The NKMLA coaching evaluation from previous years will also be included as part of the application.  

Coach selection will be conducted by committee with an attempt at consensus but with a majority rule should consensus not be reached.  The coach selection committee typically comprises the competitive director and 2-3 additional members of the executive board or an individual with significant lacrosse coaching experience. No committee member will be evaluating a team for which they are an applicant.  

Interview Criteria:

  1. All candidates interested in coaching a competitive team for NKMLA will be subject to being interviewed by the Coach Selection Committee.
  2. All new candidates will be required to participate in a coaching interview regardless of the number of candidates for a particular team.  E.g. if Tyke only has one applicant, but that applicant has never coached for NKMLA they will be required to participate in an interview. 
  3. Any candidate that has not been interviewed in the last two years will be offered an interview to add additional information to their coaching resume.

If successful, coaches are required to provide on request:

  • A valid Vulnerable Sector Police Check and Offence Declaration Form
  • A Coaching Qualifications Transcript from